A fan's guide to the all-time highs (and lows) of Nottingham Forest

Published by Crimson
Published by Crimson


Amazon Customer Reviews:

All you ever needed to know about the characters that have graced the shirt of the greatest football team in the world.
- Mr. Adrian P. Warren

Loads of interesting facts about Nottingham Forest. A good read, well worth the money, would recommended for any Forest supporters.
- George Peach

Sunday Independent Sport (December 30, 2012):

Even the gloomiest Nottingham Forest fans will be inspired by this latest gift book for fans of the Championship club [...] the perfect gift and a great talking point for those in the know.

Through the Seasons Before Us:

For just a tenner and a convenient release date just before Christmas it would make a great stocking filler for any Reds fan – you could read it cover to cover, or dip in to the lists that tickle your fancy at any point.


A highly enjoyable read that absorbed me much more than I had time for it to do, so now I find myself frantically finishing things off I was supposed to be doing whilst basically reading the whole book rather than skimming it as I had intended. Thanks a lot, Alex!
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LTLF Forest Forum members:

The Glory of Forest was my Christmas present. I have to say it is really excellent work, new and very interesting view on Forest history. Definitely one of the best Forest books in my collection.
- czechforest

Just finished. A quality book which was impossible to put down, great work Alex.
- Matt90

Received my copy in the post this morning, cheers Alex! It’s a christmas present for my Dad but I couldn’t resist having a little read, and I think it’s great! Good work.
- Lukeyshep

I made the fatal mistake of “just have a quick look” and was still at it an hour later. It’s an excellent read, and will keep you in pub-trivia for weeks. I’ve already suggested it as a must-buy to a couple of other Forest fans I know. It’s the best kind of book; one that you can dip in and out of when you feel like it.

Just received the book. Absolutely superb. Many thanks my friend. The Glory Of Forest is brilliant. Great buy

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“Magnificently covers the all-time highs and lows of Nottingham Forest”
- Seat Pitch